Is not just about design

What I really enjoy to do is creating and inventing new communicative perspectives, playing with spaces, shapes and colours until my filling match the digital product. Sometime this can give birth to innovative ways of communication through different kind of medias as web sites, paper and video products and others. This website is a place where you can check out some of my works as websites, logos, icons and iPhone app interfaces. In short, everything about my design skills.


I started my career as a graphic designer, and I’ve always followed the evolution of communication, keeping track of the new trends and how business-to-client communication has changed. This gave me the opportunity to be able to cover a wide range of topics related to how a company should interact with users and customers, both online and offline.I have a great experience in designing product packages, labels, and graphic contents and in producing web/multimedia products. The expertise achieved so far has allowed me to acquire a multilevel knowledge of all the aspects of the working processes, from conceptualisation to printing. I have also experience in supervising graphic designers as I have been working as manager of the Web Division for a graphic agency and supervised different teams during multimedia graphic productions.At present I am collaborating to define web/e-commerce and online/offline strategies as a consultant for companies located in Italy, UK and Netherlands. In addition, I am personally taking care of the web marketing strategies, including social media marketing, of several Italian companies. In the last 10 Years

Here’s a list of what I can offer:
  • Branding/Corporate identity
  • Print design
  • Web design
  • Social Media Marketing and content creation
  • UI design
  • Icons design
  • Video Editing
Creolabs is a team of two, who dedicate most of their energy to the iPhone apps development. I’m proud to be the designing part of this newborn team, always looking at finding out the best interface design as possible to give the users a nice experience. Working in a team is great way to improve my ideas, share my projects and get the best result from brainstorming, while working alone allows me to get confident of myself in realizing my own targets.

Recent works

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